Things are not OK in Milton, Ontario
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Many a folk - from simple villagemen, to city inteligentziia or figures of authority have sought her foretelling skill. She was visited by the Tzar - predicted the date of his death. She was visited by the General Secretary. She became known even in Russia and various Soviet leaders came to ask her.
Even I believe in her
, somehow...


It might sound crazy but at least it is personal. Yes, unfortunately our Mother Church is very weak and our hunger for the unexlplicable, the mystical, for perception of wholeness, for threads and energies uniting the Universe, is unsatisfied. The old, daily/hourly pagan rituals and practices died away decades ago. We need surrogates. We need our Cosmos as much as those brilliant Thracians did 3000 years ago.

Currently the Mother Church is weak. Maybe it is better that way. I've met now various
Spanish, Belgian, etc. guys whose church is strong (and catholic). They all think Church is a conspiracy by some guys 1800 years ago (the Fathers), designed with the aim to overtake the world. Our Church is not like that. It is a bunch of old bearded granpas. You can talk with them as with your grandfather. You will discover a lot of Wisdom. You will discover that by eating lentils in the mountains for 40 years they havent wasted their time at all! Wisdom of a special kind, and Beauty.

It might sound crazy but it is personal. The western "churches" are not.
Masons, sectants, moonists, protestants... They come organised, with an invasion plan, and next thing on one's mind is - with hidden agenda? They do not know the meaning of Humility. They know business and probably they know Power. Devil people. Drive past their satanist gatherings as fast as possible!

Milton, Ontario/ Bulgaria,


Mcloud of the Forum posted the following story:

So I'm driving along the highway through Milton, and I get a weird feeling. I slow down, look around.....I don't see any cops....I have my seatbelt on...No warning lights on the dashboard...everything's fine...

hmmmm maybe I'm just feeling weird today, too much sugar in my tea I guess. I keep driving, and about 5 minutes later I feel better.

Now I spend the day at this damn meeting and I start driving back home again. Do I take the main hell hellway? No, I'll just take the nicer road through Milton again. I'm driving along and I get that weird feeling again. I slow down, start looking for a cop car or something, to find out what is buggin me....I see a building up ahead..I slow down to see what it is, looks like a church, it is very close to the road..I drive by and look at the front of the building, it says -ST. CLAIR MASONIC LODGE-

WELL, WELL, WELL what do you know? A masonic lodge out here on HWY 25. I slow down, turn around and drive back, This place looks like an old church, from 150 years ago, but an addition has been put on it. It's a long building. I pull into the parking lot. Stop the car, get out. The parking lot is cleared of snow, but there is no one around, place is empty. I walk around the building. I see the parking space for some guy who calls himself "Worshipful Master".

I see a gravesite on one side of the building, it has old tombstones from pioneer days, 1800's etc. I start to hear weird sounds. Is it the sound of the wind whipping around the building? I don't know. It sounds like whispering. Every 5 minutes a car goes past. I have a bad feeling. Been here 10 minutes now. Time to go. Things are NOT OKAY in Milton, I'M TELLIN' YA.


Here are some thoughts that were running through my head:

Still, it seems a masonic lodge feels at home in Ontario? If a Bulgarian has seen one here he will NEVER GO NEAR to check it out! What if a mason guy saw ya and came out of that building!!! Maybe you interrupt their secret dealings with abducted children!? It is all devil people, coming to take the souls of our young! Be they masons, sectants, moonists, maybe even protestants!!

We don't make much of a difference.
And why should we?

Actually, I've heard masons are atheists and just an exclusive network of the posh
ut that is equally despicable, no?

Their name starts with the same letter as those other guys with the many wifes.
No, not muslims.

We know about muslims. We lived with them for a long time. For us they might be good or bad guys but they're not foreign, not evil. A muslim with four wives is a fine chap with me. I could drink my rakia..., sorry, sherbet, with him and we'd have a hearty chat, maybe build a cordial friendship. Four wives? The Sultan used to have hundreds. Its true many of them would be bulgarian or armenian or georgian slaves... But that is something we know about.

If it becomes necessary, you can do a muslim with a well sharpened knife - or in modern days - with an AK. But how can you do those masons and moonists and pentecostals?


UFO, and auras, and magnetic lines - this is ok. We have a knack for it! Ask any Bulgarian professor in quantum physics and he will passionately tell you about his bedtime reading on the life-preserving properties of the Egyptian pyramids and advise you how to arrange sand-filled pyramids under your bed. Any Bulgarian woman will quckly assess your personal qualities according to the zodiac sign in relation with the inclination of the Moon and Jupiter. [Do think whether to tell your birthday or birthweek to a girl you date! In my case, I always thought that Scorpio is the worst sign (very bad people and vampires in general) so I try to escape from this question, but recently some girls were telling me that, in fact, Scorpio men are very intriguing, make passionate sex and also will provide well for their family... mmm]

Yes, we are into the supernatural as much as those lads on the Canadian border. [Twin Peaks
, I mean]

In the nineties a visit to an "extrasens" was as good a choice as a visit to a doctor. There is still an entire TV channel K2001 where they read off the problems and ailments of people who call in. I
even remember this first Russian guy in 1988 or 87? who heated up a glass of water in your lounge from the TV screen of a respectable weekly political and cultural program in Sunday evening ("Panorama"). With a pendulum. You just had to close your eyes to not disturb the process. My dad, a chemistry professor, went to the kitchen for a glass of water.

It worked.

And of course, the blind profettess, baba Vanga!