He asked me to stay and do a PhD for him.
I ran away. (80 miles, to Nottingham

Above I tried to depict ALL wavemodes and scales that are described by the fancy relation at the base (I used to know all about them at the time , lol). In the system they all  superimpose on each other. The geometrically regular things are artistic concepts for our measurement devices.

In case you dont know about surface waves
: they are the intrinsic disturbance of the contact plane between two types of substance having different properties. The most  obvious example is the ocean waves on Earth that deform the interface between water and air.

Here is the serious LaTeXed thing he wanted to see:
Solar Magnetohydrodynamics
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thoughts and comments!
Please, write to my email
- this is not quite a blog.
I will publish the interesting
 and contributing ones!
Dont worry - I have the guts
to publish also if critical! :)
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There was a period in my life all surrounded by these pictures.
(My worst because I was living in Sheffield where all friends I could make were other depressed lonely foreigners.)
That helped to concentrate on research, as there was nothing else to do.

The professor I had at the time was interested in sunquakes and stuff.

My second very own addition to Human Knowledge was to derive the equation for surface waves along certain interfaces in the Sun!

After six months of effort I was so excited at getting the result, that I drew a picture of the phenomenon and instead of the calculations showed
the picture to my boss!

Here it is
! Beautiful, int'e'?

Now, it is quite idealised, as usual. The layers are uniform, there is no curvature along z, etc.
But if some more people take this annulus thing and work on it for a couple of years more, they could hopefully get it to describe the dynamics propagating along prominences.  Prominence is the little flary thing coming out at the bottom left of the Sun picture above.


not so excited by research anymore...
no pictures of stripy flashing pieces of brain in my notebook.


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